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Booming Bentleigh East gets a boost with Boosa.That’s not (just) my booty as I depart Boosa after a bountiful brunch. 

Good Food,2017 

They took their established niche of modern, Middle-Eastern cafe dishes and planted it right in Bentleigh East. 

Broadsheet, 2016 

“The Cauli Power is a must-order: a thickish slab of free-range spiced bacon with a fried egg, a tipped jar of tomato salad… 

Heraldsun, 2016 

About us

Nice to meet you!

This is us- Eitam, Tammy and little Keshet!

Lovers of hospitality, pretty things, specialty coffee & food everything! 

BOOSA is a result of our shared connection of the Middle East, hospitality and food planted in the heart of Bentleigh East.

Eitam’s Moroccan grandmother Jacqueline used to say to him as a young boy, “give me boosa!” Boosa is the Arabic word for kiss. The cafe is a way of honouring her, and the food that derives from the family’s region. We are here to take local cafes to a higher level  & more importantly; we are here to bring you the ultimate



I donr often go out of my way to write a review but this place is amazing. Everything is on point. The sevice, the food and the vibe. Food was delicious and the mint and lemon crush juice is out of this world. It was so good i returned 15 mins later to get another 1 for me and my colleague. Well done guys, your killing it!!

Nicole Trease
The service is lovely, and the menu is so very interesting! I had the latkes. Sometimes a dish with smoked salmon is sickly, and the salmon too intense, but Boosa's salmon is simply divine, sublime and fresh flavour, and not piled so high it is overwhelming. Give me quality over quantity any day. Best Latke I have ever had. There is incredible attention to detail. Amazingly delicious spot smack bam in the middle of an amazing little shopping strip.
Nicole Taylor
Holy moly, freaking love this place!! My chorizo bruschetta with fried egg is to die for!! Best chippies going around too (my 7 year old is an expert in this field). I will also be trying the crushed lemon/mint drink this summer at home. Our waitress was also awesome. Boosa, we will be back!!

Allison Rando
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